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Worker's Compensation

pecile-law-workers-compensationWorkplace injuries occur each and every day and many of those injured find themselves unable to continue earning a living for themselves and their families. Workplace injuries are sometimes caused by worksite negligence and other times are purely an accident. Either way, you may be entitled to compensation under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

If you’ve been injured on the job or exposed to hazardous conditions that affect your ability to work, seeking medical attention is the first step. Then, it’s important that you seek legal representation as early as possible to protect your rights.

Attorney Jordan Pecile has 30 years experience representing injured workers and helping them receive the financial security that they and their families deserve. He has fought for the rights of workers in all aspects of work-related injuries from head, back and neck injuries to amputations, hearing loss, repetitive trauma, construction accidents and occupational diseases.

Attorney Pecile can assist you with:

  • Settlements
  • Hearings

  • Contested Petitions
Return-To-Work Issues
Medical Examination Issues

Because of the complexity of the law and regulations governing the processing of work-injury claims, it is always recommended to seek qualified legal representation as early as possible when seeking workers’ compensation benefits in Pennsylvania.

Attorney Pecile offers free consultations and usually charges nothing unless a cash settlement is received by his clients.

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