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The Lawyer's Role

By Jordan Pecile, Esq.

"The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers!" Shakespeare, Henry VI. 

OK. I know that lawyer-bashing is common place. Maybe it’s just an expression of the average person’s frustration with the arcana and complexity of law. Nevertheless, I feel privileged to serve my neighbors as a champion of their legal rights.

Yes, I love being a lawyer.

After graduating from Penn State, I was admitted to the Dickinson School of Law. Dickinson is the oldest law school in Pennsylvania, and the 5th oldest in the nation. After 26 years of practice, you come to understand that the law is more than torts and contracts. The practice of law cuts across all dimensions of life and humanity.

So life is never boring for an attorney.

A day’s routine might include a deposition, a court appearance or drafting an estate plan. Then an urgent phone call comes from a family whose chief bread-winner was just hurt in an accident at work. Many more calls are from folks just looking for legal information.

What is a Compromise and Release? A warranty deed? Probate? People in all walks of life need lawyers. People especially need us during a time of crisis. So think about it.

The law protects our rights, our freedoms and our security. And your lawyer is the one who will advocate for you when the law is violated.

Now, what about that Shakespearean villain who wanted to kill all the lawyers? More than simple comic relief, I think it serves to underscore the important role that lawyers play in society. 

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