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The Future of Penn State

By Jordan Pecile, Esq.

It’s no secret. I am a proud Penn State alumnus. B.S. 1979; J.D. 1982 to be exact.

I bleed blue and white.

So you can imagine that I’m holding my head a bit low these days. Shocked, sickened, angered, disgusted, embarrassed and saddened beyond belief.

The terrible tragedy at Penn State has left everyone hurting for the victims and their families. I’ve heard that some previously loyal supporters now intend to sever their ties to Penn State forever.

Have we completely lost focus on the mission of our institutions of higher education? The football program is in a heap of trouble, that’s certain. As an alumnus, I do deeply care about the future of Penn State. But the future of this great university is not its football program; it is the quality of its students.

The next crop of high school seniors will be making their college selections over the next few weeks. In the midst of this crisis, some of them might even be re-weighing Penn State as an option. I would love to talk to any high school senior and their family about all that Penn State has to offer.

Penn State was ranked No. 1 last year by the Wall Street Journal for producing the kind of graduates that employers most want to hire.

This fall, Penn State was ranked in the top quarter of the top one percent of all institutions of higher education on the planet (The Times Higher Education World University rankings).

Penn State was ranked No. 1 in the number of Fulbright Fellows on faculty this year.

The months and years ahead will be challenging times for high school students heading to Penn State. Don’t give up on Penn State because of the misdeeds of a few individuals. We want you; we need you to help get us back on track. If you are up to the task, you will improve and enrich your life along with more than a half million fellow alumni; you will prosper and join us as leaders everywhere.

Penn State has a rich tradition going back 156 years. In years to come, you will be proud to say that you were on the ground floor during the historic rebuilding of a world class university.

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