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Graduation Time: Becoming an Adult

By Jordan Pecile, Esq.

Becoming an adult is an exciting event in the life of a high school graduate. Some of you will be making your first major purchase – a car, perhaps. Many will get your first job. Others will leave home for college and rent an apartment. Just about every graduate will want to apply for a credit card.

Yes, there are many rights and privileges of adulthood. That also means you will have adult responsibilities.

You will pay your income taxes. You must pay your rent on time. You must use your credit cards wisely and make all of the payments on time. Establishing a good credit history right from the start is essential.

At age 18, you become a legal adult and all of the laws apply to you. You have the privilege of voting in every election, so remember to register with the county voter services office at least 30 days before the election. You might be called for jury duty, which is a unique responsibility so please don’t try to get excused without good reason.

Even though you are an adult, you must wait until age 21 to legally consume alcoholic beverages. Eighteen-year-olds are expected to be mature enough to understand the terms of a contract, such as a contract to rent an apartment or purchase an automobile. Take time to read and understand every word in the contract.

And finally, all males must register for military service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. For all those who are graduating, I urge you to be smart, understand the consequences of your actions or inactions, know right from wrong, and think before you act.

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